Dr. O

written by: Charlie Lustman

Tell me where am I to go now that I know I’m in trouble
Do you have a name of someone from the bible
Someone you can trust with years of admiration
Well there’s not too many hands can do this operation

Tell me who
Tell me who is highly regarded
And who will know where this started
Do you know Dr. O?

When he came into the room I had so many questions
I said, "show me your degree",
I was head of the inspections
Well he looked me in the eyes
and knew what I was dealing with
and he told me that he knew the feelings I was feeling
and he said

He once was where I’m standing now
they told him they did not know how
And so he said he must believe in something more than what they see
in Dr. O

He said take a second opinion
Wait before you make a decision
I know it’s hard to figure out what everything is all about
I’m here to help you when you need me

Dr. O
Yes they say he’s amazing, a prodigy
Do you think you can save me from what they see
Dr. O
Led the people from the holy land, show me the way
He’s the only one who understands what I’m trying to say
Dr. O
When he came into the room, made me feel good
Felt like someone that I’ve known before in my neighborhood
He's Dr. O

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