The Story of Made Me Nuclear


cancer music 2

ChildSong Academy is a small children's music and dance studio on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, California, close to where I lived, and where my son was taking classes. So I asked the director if I could rent one of her tiny music studios, where they had an electric piano, and she obliged. So there I was on that infamous March day writing THE CALL. It was a difficult song to complete. I actually started the idea, the opening lyrics and music, at The Simonton Center up north in Montecito where I went for Carl Simonton's, Getting Well, positive mental awareness seminar. There I sat at the piano, under a life sized wooden carved crucifixtion of Jesus, which hung in the sanctuary of the monastery where the seminar took place, writing the song that would become the opening expression of MMN. Back in Santa Monica, I was so inspired to have completed the first song, exactly one year since the actual call, that I phoned 4th Street Recording, which was around the corner from where I sat, and asked Kathleen if she had time available for me to record what I had just created. Luckily, she did.