The Story of Made Me Nuclear


cancer music 33

A special thank you goes out to Dr. Charles Forscher, The Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute at Cedar's-Sinai Medical Center, Dr. Eliott Abemayer, The Head and Neck Institute at UCLA Medical Center, Dr. Ryan Osborne at the Head and Neck Cancer Center CSMD, Dr. Robert Ruder, Dr. Niki Meghami and everyone at The Maxilla Facial Dept. UCLA, Maralyn Facey, Jodi Margolis, Carolyn Sherman RN, Dr. Victoria Laio, The Simonton Center, lain Kennedy, Dave Way, Zach Horowitz, Bodgie Gourvitz, Jean-Francois Brissette, Jim Sobo, Josefin Lykken Gude, Henrik Starup, Zoe Matthiessen, Bobby Malone, Jimmy Steinfeldt, Kurt Wahlner, Steve Rachwal and a very special consideration to Mr. Bob Horn for all his talent and input on this emotional recording project.

A helpful thanks to everyone at Entourage Studios, Son song Studios, Headroom Audio, Mill Factory Studios Dk, Oasis Mastering, Burbank, Hotel Carmel, Cal-Mar Hotel, True Tone Music, Childsong Academy in Santa Monica, and Bob Gray at Graytldea, El Segundo.

A very special thank you to my father, Nathan and sister, Nadia, who really stepped up when I needed them most, my sister-in-law, Daniela, who was there for our son, Shaya, ...and to my wife and caregiver, Ri, who stood by my side throughout the most difficult experience of my life. Ri, you live the words that you said on the day that we wed.