The Story of Made Me Nuclear


cancer music 1

Throughout my cancer experience, in the late evenings, I would lay in bed and pray to the sky above ... you know, whatever you believe it is up there, and would ask if I could stay a little longer on the Planet. The answer I got was, "I will let you stay but you must do something very powerful for me in return."

Made Me Nuclear, this collection of songs about my cancer experience, began on the one year anniversary of the call. Yes, the phone call that I received on March 1, 2006, while I was in the studio singing on a record I was making for my son, Shaya. Needless to say, I was shocked and felt like a snowman in the cold. It took me a year to process that moment and write it down as a lyric. It was March 1, 2007, and I was still in chemo and had been for ten months when it hit me that the journey into Made Me Nuclear was about to begin.