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The Musical HOPE Campaign Presents

A Musical Message of Hope and Inspiration

Made Me Nuclear is a collection of songs composed by Charlie in 2007 chronicling his cancer journey from the diagnosis, through treatment, recovery and beyond.

Charlie's Made Me Nuclear songs were fully produced in studio the following year and adapted for the theatrical stage as a one-man pop operetta which debuted on September 5th, 2008 at Santa Monica Playhouse in Los Angeles. Made Me Nuclear was met with critical acclaim by both audiences and critics alike running for over eleven months with 88 performances before taking to the road with The Musical HOPE Campaign.

Los Angeles Times critic, Daryll Miller, wrote: "After meeting Charlie Lustman , it's hard to take life for granted. This show is able to grab the audience in a bear hug right away. Lustman’s eyes crinkle impishly. He fairly glows with new found life. Just minutes into the performance, we do too."

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